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Center For Science, Technology And Leadership Development

Dr. Garrie Moore, Executive Director

Phone 914 406-6005

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Center for Science Technology, and Leadership Development  is a Co-Curricular program designed to provide youth with World-Class, out of the classroom, academic support and hands on experiences.   We offer a comprehensive afterschool program designed to address individual student needs.  The Center offers tutoring (in all subjects), mentoring, guidance counseling, end of course prep, end of grade prep, SAT prep workshops, Leadership Development Seminars, Recreational Leadership, Spiritual enrichment seminars, Reading program (designed for student and/or parent) and more.

Our Mission is to provide youth with leadership development training and educational support to augment their matriculation in public school.  Our Vision is that all youth enrolled in CSTLD will receive World-Class support and Co-Curricular experiences that support successful graduation from high school, successful enrollment in Colleges/Universities, and successful transition to work.

Additionally we offer a robust Summer Academic Camp experience designed for all ages:


Ages – 3 years old who are potty trained, 4 years old, and 5 years old who have not attended kindergarten

Program Description:    Camp is an 8 week camp that will introduce toddlers to structured activities.  Participants will participate in a variety of academic, physical fitness, cultural and technology programs.    Certified Teachers will provide the instruction.  Pre and Post assessments will be done.


Grades K – 6

Program Description:  Camp is an 8 week camp designed to prepare students for academic success at the next grade level.  Participants will participate in a variety of academic, physical fitness, spiritual, cultural, technology and community services activities.  Certified Teachers will provide the instruction.   Pre and post assessments will be done.

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