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Churches Outreach Network
Youth Coalition

Mission: To help with underprivileged  youth to empower them and engage them in education, Christian seminars, Christian movies, Logic games, Workmanship skills, a.  To help them seek motivation to achieve, by focusing on their education and goals.Empowering them through youth programs and mentorship to prevent gang involvement and dropout prevention and at risk of becoming involved, in the juvenile or criminal justice system

Programs and Services which will be offered:

Programs will focus on youth and young adults ages 17-23.  Types of Programs which will be offered:  

  1. Media
    1. Christian & Educational movies in a group setting
      1. Question and answer session will follow​​​
      2. Debate teams
  2. Logic/Board Games- Stimulate the mind (Done in group settings)
    1. Chess
    2. Checkers
    3. Group Rap
  3. Work Skill programs
    1. Educational
      1. Dropout prevention programs
      2. GED /CRC programs
      3. College Worshops
      4. Job Worshops
      5. Finance training
      6. Health Worshops
      7. Business /Career Worshops

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